Spiritus Group

Consulting and reports for industrial gas

...is the leading provider of knowledge management and consulting services to the industrial gases business.

We provide clients with a variety of consulting services including:

Spiritus's Mission

The mission of Spiritus is to provide knowledge on the industrial gas industry to businesses or organisations in order to assist them in enhancing their decision making processes on issues related to industrial gases, equipment and services.

Spiritus gives independent advice based on in depth knowledge and experience of the industrial gas industry.

Spiritus's Service

Spiritus maintains the highest levels of confidentiality for its clients to ensure no leakage of sensitive client information. Spiritus also maintains a unique knowledge base of current and historical industrial gas data.

Spiritus's consultants have all spent most of their career in the business and have outstanding analytical skills that enable them to develop innovative solutions for our clients.

Further information

For further information on Spiritus industrial gas consulting please see our company background.

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Spiritus has a number of off-the-shelf reports available, such as: